Christopher Manney (officer that shot Dontre Hamilton 14 times in Red Arrow Park on April 30th, 2014) fired from Milwaukee Police Department on October 15th, 2014 due to community pressure.

Secured forty hours of mandatory Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) for all Milwaukee Police Officers and County Sheriffs by 2017.

  • Crisis Intervention Training is a training mechanism to allow patrol officers to properly asses and react to individuals who have challenges with mental health or developmental disabilities. This training mechanism will allow for officers to be more responsive to the needs of these individuals as well as be held accountable in instances where the rights of these individuals have been abused.

Secured sixteen hours of reoccurring Crisis Intervention Training for all officers every two years to update their skills and account for innovations in the CIT training mechanism.

Department of Justice Federal Investigation launched to investigate Civil Rights violations in the case of Dontre Hamilton.